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By investing heavily in our client relationships, market insight and candidate intelligence, we have built well-established talent pools to deliver the best skills in the market at any given time, giving you access to the most talented people locally, as well as talent that will work away from home or relocate.

This allows us to deliver to our clients across the UK and Ireland as well as the key financial centres in Europe, Americas and APAC regions.

Matching the perfect candidate to a precise set of requirements takes skill, knowledge and experience. It requires honesty and mutual trust in our client relationships, and it requires credibility in the sectors we specialise in.


We place great value on the personal relationships we build with our clients, making a point of travelling to meet face to face on a regular basis to understand the human fit of their team, not just the technical aspect.

We place great emphasis in supporting our clients throughout their inception, growth and expansion. Internally we adopt and work with our partners utilising the slogan of solving tomorrow today!


As headhunting specialists, we do not just target candidates who are already on the market. We proactively identify professionals who are not actively seeking a new role but fit a client’s exact requirements.

This approach ensures our clients get the most focused, highest quality candidates and consultants, not just those who happen to be looking.

Our expertise includes:

Response handling and assessment

Shortlisting interviewing facilities

Salary surveys and benchmarking


Both our Contingent and Contract teams are perfectly geared to react quickly to our client’s immediate short-term specialist hires. Having access to a flexible workforce offers our client’s key advantages including access to scarce skill-sets and mitigating both financial and legal risks associated with permanent hires.

Since 2007, we have worked tirelessly to build a vast global database of industry specific, qualified candidates. Our extensive network and long-standing relationships with talent means we can help this need with immediate effect, delivering a qualified consultant ready to undertake the assignment immediately.

We source talent on a global scale, meeting the needs of both Multinational Corporates and SMEs. At ML we can supply single contractors through to entire project teams. We can migrate directly engaged contractors and consolidate multi-vendor supply chains to streamline administration and costs.


Pre-Employment Screening (PES) is an essential part of the candidate verification process here at ML Partners.

We guarantee that all our resources have been screened in a consistent and thorough way. We strictly adhere to governance guidelines and trusted partners globally.

The pre-employment screening service that we offer at ML ensures confidence for all our partners and clients. Our superior screening functionality and technology partners facilitates both UK and International placements:

Credit and criminal checks

Directorship searches

Regulatory checks

Global sanctions check


Being early adopters of new technologies, we now offer the latest form of recruitment and on-boarding communication – video. Partnering with a pioneering screening tool called CVTV, we are always looking for ways to help ease client time and take the stress out of the hiring process.

We offer a fully bespoke screening tool coupled with their CV, candidates also provide bespoke video messaging for clients to review candidates and consultants before the interview stage. This feature allows clients to evaluate candidates at a time that suits.

Set questions for the candidate to answer or plan full two-way live interviews. This time-saving feature is easy to use, view, and shared with client teams

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Our success and reputation has been built upon being able to rapidly support clients with timely, quality expertise.

By utilising our extensive experience we are able to rapidly identify the peaks and troughs of a client’s project requirements and to offer advice on the most expedient method of satisfying those needs.

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